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Installation guide

Step 1:
Add the following to your Gemfile: 
source "https://gems.spinacms.com" do
  gem 'spina-pro'
Step 2:
Run this bundle command to configure your credentials: 
bundle config gems.spinacms.com your_username:your_password 
Step 3:
Run bundle install

Step 4:
Run the following commands:
rails spina_pro:install:migrations
rails db:migrate 
Step 5:
Install the license key using Rails credentials:
bin/rails credentials:edit
Add your license key:
spina_pro_license_key: YOUR_LICENSE_KEY

Step 6:
You've now successfully installed Spina Pro! 🎉

If Spina Pro styles aren't working locally, you can run rails spina:tailwind:build once to generate all required Tailwind classes. This happens automatically in production.
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