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A collection of great plugins that provide everything you need for a feature-rich website

Built-in message inboxes

Easily add custom forms for inquiries, sign-ups, messages, or anything else that requires a form. The included generator makes setting this up a breeze.
  • Model generator
  • Store messages
  • Custom message types
  • Dynamic properties
  • Supports Rails validations
  • Admin panel
  • Multiple inboxes
  • Auto-forwarding messages
  • WebSockets

Global page searching

Use keyboard shortcuts to edit pages from anywhere
to search

Manage 301s &

Use the interface in Spina Pro to track and manage all of your rewrite rules. Spina Pro automatically tracks 404 errors on your website, so you can easily rewrite them to a different path.
  • Manage rewrite rules
  • View auto-generated 301s
  • Track missing pages
  • Redirect 404s


Spina Hobby
open source
Spina's core is open source and will always be free for everyone.
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Spina Pro
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Includes one year of updates. $59/year for updates thereafter.
  • Well-designed interface
  • Multi-language support
  • API included
  • Flexible content
  • Great community
  • Built with Rails + Hotwire
  • 8+ years in active development
  • Custom form inboxes
  • Global page searching
  • Managing rewrite rules
  • Missing page tracking
  • Date/datetime fields
  • Dedicated Discord channel
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  • Native iOS app
  • Version history
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