Spina CMS


SpinaCMS uses ActiveStorage to handle image uploads and variants. Make sure you've installed ActiveStorage in your Rails app before using Spina::Parts::Image.

You can render images in two ways:

  • using an image_tag
  • using a URL

Theme configuration

config.parts = [
  # ...
    name: "header_image",
    title: "Header image",
    part_type: "Spina::Parts::Image"

Image tag example

<%= content.image_tag(:header_image, {resize_to_fill: [200, 200]}, {class: 'image'}) %>

This content helper will automatically add an alt attribute to the image. You can change the alt text when editing pages in Spina.

Image URL example

<div style="background-image: url(<%= content.image_url(:header_image, {resize_to_fill: [1280, 200]}) %>)"></div>