Spina CMS


A page in Spina has many parts. By default these parts can be one of the following:

  • Spina::Parts::Line
  • Spina::Parts::MultiLine
  • Spina::Parts::Text
  • Spina::Parts::Image
  • Spina::Parts::ImageCollection
  • Spina::Parts::Repeater
  • Spina::Parts::Option

These are the building blocks of your view templates. You can have an unlimited number of parts in a page. We prefer to keep the number of parts to a minimum so that managing your pages isn't too complex.

Spina uses an initializer to create the basic building blocks of your page. There are three steps to add a new building block or part to your app:

  • Set up a new part in the initializer
  • Set the new initializer into a view template
  • Add it to the view

Create a new page part

When you install Spina, you will see the following in config/initializers/themes/default.rb

Spina::Theme.register do |theme|
  theme.name = 'default'
  theme.title = 'Default theme'
  theme.parts = [
    {name: 'text',  title: "Body", hint: "Your main content", part_type: "Spina::Parts::Text"}
  theme.view_templates = [
    {name: 'homepage', title: 'Homepage', parts: %w(text)}, 
    {name: 'show', title: 'Page', parts: %w(text)}
  theme.custom_pages = [
    {name: 'homepage', title: "Homepage", deletable: false, view_template: "homepage"},

  theme.navigations = [
    {name: 'main', label: 'Main navigation'}
  theme.layout_parts = []
  theme.resources = []
  theme.plugins = []
  theme.embeds = []

Right now, the default theme is applying a title to the page, with a simple text div below it. Go to /admin on your app and have a look. Edit the textbox and go to preview the page.

Let's say I wanted to add another text box below this called portfolio. First I would add another hash to the parts array like so:

theme.parts = [{
  name:         'content',
  title:        'Content',
  part_type:    'Spina::Parts::Text'
}, {
  name:         'portfolio', # added this part
  title:        'Portfolio',
  part_type:    'Spina::Parts::Text'

Add it to the view template

Now, we need to update the view_templates config. These view templates provide customization for the different views you might want. For example, you may have a 'blog' view or an 'about' view which add different parts. For this example we will add the portfolio part into the 'Default' view template.

theme.view_templates = [{
  name:  'homepage',
  title: 'Homepage',
  parts: %w(content)
}, {
  name:         'show',
  title:        'Default',
  description:  'A simple page',
  usage:        'Use for your content',
  parts:        %w(content portfolio) # added 'portfolio'

Add it to the view

Finally, let's go to views/default/pages/show.html.erb and add the following:

<h1><%= current_page.title %></h1>

<%= content.html :text %>
<%= content.html :portfolio %> # added this line

We have successfully added another textbox! Refresh the page form in the admin section. You should see another text box below the content box.